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                Picture Home at Last is dedicated to rescuing animals, and to educating the public about animal care and various issues effecting animals. We hope that you find the information contained here useful in informing you of the issues concerning animals, the dangers that they face, and how you can be part of the solution.

Help support Microchipping of pets 

Pet Overpopulation Facts

Microchip your Pet!

It is estimated that more than 10 million pets become lost each year; approximately 75% of cats will have lost their collars by the time they reach the shelter. Microchipping helps reunite these lost pets with their guardians. Microchips are small computer chips the size of a grain of rice that are embedded under the pet's skin to give it a unique number. The number is entered into a national registry along with your contact information, so should your pet be found a veterinarian or shelter will scan the microchip for the number, then contact you. The procedure is simple and inexpensive, with some animal shelters offering the service for free.

Also, stop by
PetSmart for a good grooming too and have your newly microchipped pet come home clean and well supplied to their new, loving home.

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