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Age: 11 weeks
Sex: Male, neuterd
Breed: American Pitbull Terrier mix
Weight: 15 lbs

By definition, puppies are cute and as you can see in the photos, Theo sure fits the bill. He's one adorable little pooch!. Like all puppies, Theo will need training which would include setting limits and boundaries for good behavior. Theo is still in that mouthy phase where he wants to chew on everything. He needs to learn what's appropriate to put in his mouth and what's not! (Like your hand). We don't recommend first time dog owners or homes with kids under 13 years old. We're looking for a committed guardian for our sweet pea Theo who will spend the necessary time to make sure he grows up to be a good canine citizen. We're sure your efforts would pay off in the end with one swell companion for life.

See more of Theo on his on-line diary!


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