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Approx age: 1-1/2 years
Sex: Female, Spayed
Breed: Chihuahua
Weight: 6 lbs

Spirit is six pounds of white lively smart curious and adorable Chihuahua. She is smart, confident and lively with a great sense of play. While shy in new environments, she warms up quickly and loves people but needs to be approached slowly at first. She is affectionate, independent and has a deep sense of loyalty.

Spirit does well wearing a harness rather than a collar. She needs a small toy and a chew stick which she will carry around in her mouth. She is potty trained and will benefit from a routine to avoid accidents. Any good formula food for small dogs will be an improvement over shelter food and she will eat throughout the day. For training, she is highly treat motivated and knows “sit,” “stay,” “down,” “come,” “walk”, and “jump” if you want her to get on your lap.

Spirit loves cats, most small dogs, some large dogs, children (over 8) and people. Introduce to dogs slowly on a parallel walk in neutral territory. When she understands the situation she will relax and walk and then try to play. Spirit loves long walks with romping, sniffing, rolling in grass and running as fast as possible. She can walk for over 3 miles and likes jogging inn addition to potty walks. She is happy to curl up on your lap, cavort with other dogs and retrieve sticks. Play periods are important and she retrieves sticks, plays ball and is a good candidate for agility and service dog training.

Spirit has been at the shelter for several months now and we do hope she can go home soon!


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