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Approx age: 6 years
Sex: Female, Spayed
Breed: Pit bull type dog mix
Weight: 60 lbs


Ashley is a sweet, goofy gal who has settled in nicely to her foster home. Since leaving the shelter, her personality has opened up, revealing her curious, loyal, attentive, and eager nature. Ashley is a quick learner, and now knows a bevy of commands including: “sit,” “down,” “leave it,” “look,” “shake,” “place,” “speak,” and “quiet.” Indeed, this food motivated gal seems truly seems to enjoy positive reinforcement-based training… probably since it means being rewarded with treats!

Ashley's dedicated foster aunt has taken her to Bad Rap pitbull education classes, where she's well on her way to being a wonderful canine citizen. Ashley is curious about other dogs, and seems to do well when given the opportunity to meet them in a structured environment.

Thanks to the staff at Berkeley Animal Care Services, Ashley had a number of sun-induced skin tumors removed from her belly which had a nearly immediate effect on her personality. Ashley is more energetic, less distracted, and seems like a much happier dog. Ashley has also enjoyed her daily walks around the neighborhood, and while we wouldn't quite call her svelte, she has shed a few pounds and is now showing a lovely waistline!

Ashley is housetrained; although her foster parents both work full time, she gets walked in the morning and evening, and let out at lunchtime by a neighbor. Ashley has been fine at home alone, and in fact, she seems to enjoy napping through the afternoon on her peoples’ bed!

Ashley has done great with a variety of people, including the neighbors' young kids. While Ashley loves a good belly rub, scratch behind the ears, plenty of attention from her people, (and sneaking into bed in the middle of the night), she isn’t a lap dog and is quite capable of being an independent lady. Because of her light coat and history of solar-induced tumors, Ashley should be primarily an indoor dog.

Ashley’s foster parents are happy to answer any questions or arrange a visit if you’re interested in meeting her!

Watch a fabulous video tribute to our Ashley.


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